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After successfully authoring my first book Unearthed I never thought that I would write another book. In order to write a book you have to have something to write about AND passion about that subject. I did not think I had either. In November 2012 all of that changed. In an instant… God gave me an idea for a book AND passion for the subject. I wrote this book AND THEN THE END WILL COME! (But 5 Things You Need to Know in the Meantime) in 7 weeks and 3 days. Through the prayers and financial support of some very important people in my life… this book is now available everywhere online as a Paperback, Hardback, Nook, Kindle, and iBook.

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Well that is the real irony of me writing this book- While there was a time long ago that I was really wrapped up in the stuff. I have suffered from “Armageddon fatigue” and “Rapture unreadiness” for much of the last decade or more. When I told people close to me that I was writing an “End Times” book, they were like “WHAT? YOU?” It has just not been my cup of tea. But my thinking on the subject, influenced by many of the words and parables of Jesus, is that we should all keep a watchful eye to the future, but not to the neglect of the present. This is where I believe a great synergy can take place: between those who have become increasingly cynical, negative, or skeptical about anything “End Times” and those who have become so zealous and fixated on the future that they have missed the beauty and opportunity to extend the Kingdom today.

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AND THEN THE END WILL COME! Book Review by DJ Harris

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this little ditty to Christians, Non-Believers, End Times Enthusiasts, Cynics, Over Zealous Sleuth Sayers, Preppers, Anti-Christ Seekers, Talk Show Hosts, Cult Leaders, Preachers, Priests, Future Leaders of the World, and Everyone Else to whom the afore mentioned does not apply!

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