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a prayer of reconciliation to the world…

Father we repent and ask for forgiveness, for we know that Jesus did not spend his time isolating and targeting special “sin groups” or trying to defend his positions through arguing and debating.

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jesus is not my bro

jesus is not my bro…

Our awe of the cosmic Christ who has reconciled the entire cosmos, including precious humanity, is significantly lacking and has been replaced by a very casual “Jesus is my bro” attitude.

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Angel of the Last Judgment by Wassily Kandinski

you can’t judge me…

God, our communities are in desperate need of selfless souls who love each other and seek out the Truth in love and who can hear Truth in love without egos and attitudes. Please forgive us for our arrogance, pride, and love of our sin and waywardness. Give us hearts that welcome the truth told to us in love. Begin with me. Amen.

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