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credit Johnny Nguyen / AP

A Better Narrative: Ferguson and Beyond…

In a single moment of indescribable beauty, the opposing forces embraced, heaven and earth collided, and it captured our hearts with the possibilities of how things really could be, not just one day in the distant future… but today.

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Brittany Maynard and How the Church Must Change…

By now most of you are familiar with the name Brittany Maynard. If you are not familiar with her, Brittany is the 29-year-old young lady diagnosed with terminal brain cancer who has decided to ingest lethal medication to end her life before she begins to suffer the pain and consequences of her brain tumor.

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It is Time For a Revolution…

If there is a revolution that will topple the current order, turning the world completely upside-down, would does it look like? How does it begin? How does it move forward? And, how can you join the movement?

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