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3 Reasons Every Mom Needs to Talk to Her Son About Porn…

My son needs to hear the voice of his father shaping how he grows up viewing women and valuing relationships, but it is equally important for him to hear about sexuality from another perspective- a perspective that can only come from a mother.

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How Porn is Stealing the Soul of a Generation

Either we positively and proactively face head-on the debasement and perversion that is desensitizing and dehumanizing our youth- or- we will soon face a generation that has lost it’s soul.

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A Father’s Letter to His Daughters…

The truth is that your beauty does not come from the make-up you wear, the style of your hair, the curviness of your body, the perfection of your skin, or the youthfulness of your appearance. Your beauty comes solely from the radiance of God in the way that you humbly and lovingly let God work through your life.

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