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Christ is Christmas (so there’s that)…

Is God just out there and distant and removed from our pain? Does God even know what this life is like and how hard it is? Does God know how unjust this world can be toward people? Does God know how people close their doors in your face when you are in desperate need? Does God know what it is like to be pushed to the edges of society without a place to lay your head? Does God know what it is like to ache and be in so much pain?

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finding life in a chaotic world…

If we aren’t living like Christ presently, when times are relatively good, then we will never live like Christ if times get really difficult in the future.

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being Jesus to atheists, homosexuals, and abortionists…

One Sunday we showed up at our rented church building. Someone had spray painted a Nazi swastika on the front of the building.

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