regaining the humanity…

the biggest thing that has been coming to my mind this week is how easily we lose the humanity of the Bible.  seriously…it’s as if people, in general, look at these ancient historical figures and either discount them because their time and place are so different than our own…or look at them as special and different (because they are in the Bible) and consequently…we expect more from them…or believe that they have it together more than we do.

 what could we possibly learn from a guy 3500 years ago?  what could we learn about a group of people who are trying to figure out what God wants them to do 3500 years ago?  what can we learn about God in how he is trying to relate to these people 3500 years ago?  the answer is…a whole lot.

does any of this sound familiar?

– a person trying to figure out what his life was all about and how God could use him after he had made mistakes that seemed unforgivable.

– a person who had self-doubt and had no idea how God could use him…based on his own self-analysis.

– a person who had to hit the very bottom before he was able to be used by God.

– a leader who feels completely overwhelmed when the people he led complained and talked against him.

– a group of people who continually forgot the blessings that God provided and doubted if he would provide again.

– a guy that took all the credit for something God did…or provided.

– a guy that lied when he knew the consequences of telling the truth would result in trouble for him.

see…whether we are talking about 3500 years, 1000 years, 500 years ago, or today…there are at least two things that are the same.  people are inherently the same…irregardless of time or culture.  and…God is constant and never-changing in how he relates to people and in how he loves people.   in a book called Ecclesiastes…a very wise man, Solomon, wrote these words, “what has been, will be again.  what has been done, will be done again.  there is nothing new under the sun.”  this is absolutely profound…as Solomon lived  around 900 B.C. and had already figured this out.  

this is valuable information.  if we are the same as this group of people, in trying to figure out how to relate to God and how to move forward on faith…then we must reclaim the humanity of these ancients texts and internalize them.

next week we will be digging into Numbers 20 and continuing on this journey with Moses and the Israelites.  we will be trying to get our hands around the consequences of self-centeredness and disobedience to God…what it looks like to be God-centered and obedient…and then tackle the seeming impossibility of miracles.  the week after…Rob will be wrapping up this journey with Moses and the Israelites.

continue to pray for the [living] room and how God can use us to impact people around us, to build bridges into our community, and to tell others about the hope we have through Jesus.  this is the reason we exist as a church…and we welcome everyone to join us on this journey. 

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