this is how it’s done…

this weekend has been one for the record books…at least in my life.  i can’t go into everything…but there are at least three or four things that have really gotten me excited about what God is doing through this thing called the [living] room.

 in my entire life…i have never seen anything like what i saw on friday.  we got a call about a family who was moving out of a homeless shelter and into an apartment.  this individual just started a new job and didn’t have money to buy anything for the apartment….no beds, no blankets, no kitchen utensils, nothing….just an apartment.  we put the word out on the [living] room Yahoo Groups page…which sent an email to everyone who is a part of that.  within 15-30 minutes…and after 12-15 messages on the bulletin board…the apartment was furnished!  mattresses coming out of the woodwork….clothes…blankets…sheets….kitchen utensils…food…you name it.  it was incredible.

 my good friend rob and i were at starbucks (my office) last thursday.  my sister, whitney, works there and she came up to us all excited and wanted to tell us something.  she said that when the pastries at starbucks sit for a certain amount of time and no one buys them…they have to get rid of them.  typically starbucks gives them to a place like Turning Point…but it has been hit and miss.  whitney asked if she could put together a plan to have the leftover pastries delivered to families who are in need or organizations that help those in need.  starbucks said yes…and whitney has started to put together a daily plan to get breakfast pastries to those in need!

 i have never seen quite an animal like Jacob Trotter.  this guys is nuts.  if ever there was a guy the lived and breathed passion for the needy and oppressed…it would be Jacob Trotter (and his lovely wife that tries to keep him in check Carrie).  Jacob has realized that through working with Horizon House homeless shelter that many people have to be turned away when HH reaches it’s capacity.  even further…HH can only house families…not singles.  by asking the right questions…and talking to the right people…Jacob has been instrumental in talking to and meeting with the director of homeless operations (i made that title up) to begin work on a new homeless shelter in columbus.  if you are interested in attending the next meeting on tuesday, november 6, call jacob at 812-603-1888.

this is just a snapshot of the individual efforts that are happening at the [living] room.  when we talk about being a grassroots effort…meeting and loving people where they are at…this is what it is about.  it is not about meeting behind four walls each sunday and being satisfied with that….just expecting people to come to us.  it is realizing our own sphere of influence and how much impact for Christ we can make in Columbus!

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