thoughts from 9.17.06


i have been really excited by the initial feedback and reaction we are receiving from all of you about where God is leading us. i could sense it in your body language last night…and it has been validated by our conversations since that time.

life outside of the walls is scary…let’s admit it. for me…it is foreign. i ask myself all the time if i even know how to act outside of “christian culture.” can i be real…really? do i know what that looks like? will people view me as a phony-baloney who only wants to talk or relate to them because i have an agenda? i think all of these questions are valid…but at the same time i am reminded why it is so important for all of us to continue on a path that loves people more…we are called to love. as we invest in people…as we develop real relationships with people…as we become part of their everyday lives…agendas melt away. people see us for who we are…and who we follow. they see the life that loves…and they are drawn closer to God as a result. investments take time…but it is way…way worth it.

as you begin living your life as part of a house church committed to living outside of the walls…ask yourself these questions.

how can i love people more?

how can i practically begin restoring the Kingdom in my everyday life?

what is it like to dream God-sized dreams for Columbus and to be empowered to do it?

as we begin answering these questions through how we live our lives…the perception of what “the church” is…will begin to change. people will begin seeing a revolutionary group of people committed to living the life…to loving more…and to making sure that we are taking care of anyone who has a need.

my prayer is that we will begin discovering…together…what it means to, “be liked by all the people.” and as a result…the Lord will add to his number daily in Columbus.


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