just push pause…for a second

it’s hard to believe the impact that we have made, as the [living] room, over the last three months.  this is very encouraging…but also a realization of what greater impact we could make if more people joined us in helping, serving, and restoring people and their relationships to God and others.  this is exciting…and somewhat overwhelming to think about…but we have to trust and have faith that God is already moving ahead of us in this.

we have spent an enormous amount of time talking about our role as a church in this world and in this community…and while we are putting those words into actions…and putting our focus outwards into the lives of others…sometimes we have to push pause…and check in with each other…to see how we are doing in our own lives and in our relationships with God, spouses, friends, children, and family.

sometimes it is easy to put so much focus outwards…that we lose track of ourselves.  sometimes we get so consumed with everything else…that we take our relationship with God for granted.  sometimes we pour everything we have into everything around us…that we don’t have anything left for the ones closest to us.  so let’s ask some questions…and let’s take the time to internalize the questions…don’t just read them and shrug them off…but cut some time out…think and pray about them.

how is your prayer life…your time to talk to God?

if God wants to be the first thing in your life…is He the first thing in your life?  more than your hobbies?  more than your finances?  more than your stuff?

are you giving God your very best….your “first fruits”?  do you give God your time, energy, and resources…first and foremost?

what burdens do you have?  what obstacles are hindering your spiritual life?  what negative feelings are you harboring?

how are your relationships with others?  are you investing in others?

how is your relationship with your spouse?  are you communicating your feelings to each other and telling each other the truth?  are you praying together?

how is your relationship with your kids?  do you spend time praying with them?  are they growing in their relationship with God?  do you spend one on one time with them?

how is your relationship with your family and friends?  do you have something that you are holding against someone…or someone is holding against you?  have you given…or asked for forgiveness?

do you have a time of quiet…or solitude…that you can spend with God?

what are hurts, pains, misgivings, burdens, emotions that you need to release to God this year?  how do you want God to use your life in 2007?  who do you have accountability with to make this happen?

on new years eve…we will be meeting together for our final worship gathering of 2006.  this will be a very powerful and introspective service as we spend time as a family getting right with God…and with each other…so we can be used by God in an amazing way in 2007.  after our worship gathering…we will be CELEBRATING together…with food and fun.  i hope that you are as excited about this as i am.  see you on the 31st!


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