so this is the church

it started with a stressful monday at work which turned into a stressful week…and my monday night house-church could sense things weren’t right.

but God showed up wednesday @ about 1:15 (actually i think He was there the whole time!) a big breakthrough happened at work that i had been praying for…and with a big sigh, i looked up at God and said thanks. then…moments later…i checked my e-mail and just laughed out loud in amazement. at 1:13 an e-mail had been sent to me from my house-church leader…he just wanted to let me know that he was praying for me…God is cool!

for the next half hour things were great…then came problem #2…but this one was different. you see, my wife’s mother is a breast cancer survivor which means my wife is high risk. earlier in the week she had gone for a mammogram…and the doctor’s office had just called to tell her something had shown up that didn’t look right. . .she would have to go back for another mammogram the following day…and both of us had a bad feeling about it. so there i was…just a half hour after my cool God moment…looking back up at God and saying…no…no…don’t let it happen…don’t let satan win!

well, my wife and i both prayed a lot that night and she sent out e-mails to our house-church to let them know what was up.

the next day…we were together as the radiologist told us it was a false alarm and that everything was ok. again…a big sigh of relief…and another answered prayer. so i gave her a kiss…hopped in my jeep…and headed back to work as she walked toward her car. when she got in her car…she noticed that something was stuck on the windshield. but it wasn’t just something…it was a bag of reese’s cups…one of her absolute favorite things! not only was our house-church family praying for us…but one of them went out of her way to make sure we knew they were praying…thinking…caring for us at a completely stressful moment in our life…and i almost cry as i think about how special that bag of reese’s cups were to us at that moment.

and the point is this: it’s easy to think of the church as being a place…or an event…or an organization. but it’s not. it’s a body…an organism…a family. more specifically…God’s family…and i’m blessed to be part of it.


3 thoughts on “so this is the church

  1. Hi I just read your post, and this is the good news you know. Isnt our God awesome? I am amazed sometimes how people still stay put in their faith when they reach their mountains as we all do. I am a new believer and stories like yours encourage me.
    Thanks for the post


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