our gift….

the purpose of this advent season at the [living] room is that of celebration and expectancy.  it is the celebration of the coming Messiah, fulfilled prophetically in the past and anticipated in the consummation of all things.   it is a desire to see in a season of blindness…to awaken during a time of slumber…and to break free before being held captive to busyness and consumerism.  our advent purposes on the hope of coming rescue, the peace delivered through reconciliation, the love of the Kingdom of God, and the joy of embodying that Kingdom in our lives today as well as the expectation of final restoration. 

one component of celebrating our season of advent at the [living] room involves giving a gift to some of the most victimized, marginalized, and oppressed peoples in the world.  in a season when we buy and receive many things that we don’t need…only to cram them into our closets until the summer garage sale…or resurrect them for the fall donation to Goodwill…we have an opportunity to take those same resources and use them to give clean water to the thirsty, to provide medical treatment and education for the AIDS victim, to rescue those who have been abducted and sold into the sex slave market, and to provide opportunities and hope for the orphan.

the [living] room has committed through faith to give 100% of all tithes and offerings received in December, in addition to over $5000 we currently have on hand, as a gift to Blood : Water Mission, International Justice Mission, and New Song Mission.  through this pledge alone…we anticipate a gift over $10,000. 

but what if that gift was doubled or tripled….or even quadrupled?  the impact that the body of Christ in the world would make in the name of Jesus during this season would be staggering!  this is possible…and this is how it can become a realization:

1.  we have included a link to the [living] room website describing our gift, who we are supporting, links to those organizations websites, and a donation link.

2.  the donation link is a secure PayPal donation site for the [living] room where ANYONE can give a tax-deductible donation by using a credit or debit card.  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO GIVE A DONATION.

3.  if anyone has trouble…you may click on the “need help” button for instructions on our site

we hope and pray that God will use this gift for the advancement of His Kingdom this season…and that YOU can be a part of that with us!!!

One thought on “our gift….

  1. It has been my experience that evangelical Christians are actually the last to offer a helping hand to the larger world, because during the holiday season they are too busy fighting the “war on Christmas.” So, good for you for rejecting consumerism, to a certain degree.

    However, I wonder why you brand this activity as “advancing His Kingdom” or “making an impact as the body of Christ” or whatever, as if taking action for the oppressed is somehow representative of Christianity. It’ not. All of the Jews and pagans and atheists and Buddhists, etc. etc. that I know take action for the larger world as well. In fact, we do it specifically at this very time of year in order to separate ourselves from “Christmas” as it is celebrated by Americans, which is to say the worship of materialism.


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