TODAY my book UNEARTHED is officially on sale to the general public at every major online retailer.


Here is what others have already said about UNEARTHED:

“I feel fortunate to have witnessed this from talk to texts to McDonald’s napkins to Hardcover. It is better than I could have imagined. ★★★★”

“LOVING UNEARTHED. My husband has taken it and is currently reading aloud from it when something strikes him…about every 2.5 minutes. My passion is discipleship. His is apologetics. We both are loving the content thus far.”

“Wow…a very powerful book.  Read it, read it again, and read it one more time…there’s alot in it to ponder over and challenges you to apply your christianity to your walk.  Very powerful, very thoughtful, and very thought provoking.”

UNEARTHED is written to the average Joe Christian and to those who have left or dismissed the Church.  I believe UNEARTHED will be very eye-opening and inspiring to every person who reads it!  It is the most passionate and well-balanced writing about the Church I have ever put together…UNEARTHED really highlights the hope I have for the Church in the world and is a must read by everyone!

In Pre-Sales:

UNEARTHED has already been purchased in 5 COUNTRIES including Kenya, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.


UNEARTHED has been purchased all across the United States from California and Texas to Wisconsin and Massachusetts among others.

The best online price so far is at:

AuthorHouse: $8.70 paperback $13.70 hardcover $9.99 eBook

The next best online price is at:

Barnes and Noble:  $9.41 paperback $17.65 hardcover

If you prefer a local bookstore and live in or near Columbus, Indiana Viewpoint Books on Washington Street has already stocked the paperback version of UNEARTHED.

To read a FREE sample chapter of UNEARTHED…please visit: www.theunearthedproject.com

Thank you soooo much for your kind and loving support…and for following Outside the Walls over the years.  My goal is to get UNEARTHED into the hands of as many people as I can…so please tell others about this book, forward on this information to your friends, and pass along your finished copy of the book to someone else.  I believe in this book and I believe that God can use it to transform the Church and change the world.

peace and love…


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