to my youngest daughter…

When I was younger, I always wondered about many things:

Who would I marry when I got older?

What job or occupation would I have?

Where would I live?

Would I have any kids?

If I did, how many kids would I have?

What would my kids be like?

As a 37-year-old man today, I can answer just about all of those questions.  I say “just about” because the number of kids increased recently and I didn’t see that one coming.

But it is just recently that I have been able to more fully answer that last question, “What would my kids be like?”

Anna and Caroline are amazing children with unique gifts, talents, and abilities that make me extraordinarily proud as their dad.

I will get to talk about Anna in more detail in the near future, but since today is Caroline’s day…let me tell you a little bit about her.

Caroline is one of the most sensitive and tenderhearted children you will ever meet.  She is wildly empathetic and cares immensely about people’s thoughts and feelings, and stands up for others when she feels like someone is being treated unfairly.

Caroline and I were having our Monday morning breakfast with each other at Starbucks a couple of years ago.  I always ask the girls what they have been thinking about or what questions they have that we can discuss.  On this particular morning Caroline began to tell me about a little girl in her class who was living with her grandma, because her parents left her.  Caroline befriended this little girl and spent time with her.  On day on the playground another little girl began verbally harassing Caroline’s new friend.  Caroline asked the bully to leave her friend alone, but the situation escalated from verbal taunts to kicking.  The bully began to kick and harass the defenseless girl.  It was at that moment that Caroline, with amazing love and courage, put her body in front of her friend in order protect her from the kicks.

I was so proud of Caroline for standing up for that little girl.

Caroline is the servant in our home.  She is always willing to help and she always wants to please.  Anything that Caroline has…she will gladly share it with you.

Just last week Caroline had a few bucks and asked if Jenny would take her to the store.  When they returned, I asked Caroline what she bought.  She said, “I bought some stickers for Anna.”  She didn’t buy anything for herself with her own money, but used her money to buy something for her sister.  That is typical Caroline, always wanting to do something nice for someone else.  She is incredibly selfless.

It makes me very proud and honored to be Caroline’s dad and to be a teacher and example in her life.  One night last year after Caroline said her very sincere and heartfelt prayers I said, “Caroline, in your life you are going to be such a powerful pray-er for other people.”  She took in my words and responded, “Just like you daddy.”  Wow.  It made my heart just swell with gratitude.

One day a few weeks ago Caroline was excited to show me her thankfulness journal.  I really didn’t know what to expect.  Maybe a list of people and things for which she is thankful?  To my surprise, when I opened up her journal I got a glimpse into what thoughts and questions were on Caroline’s mind.  Some pages just had questions, but other pages had questions that she answered.

What is outside of space?

Where is heaven?

How old is the earth?

All people should be thankful for God and Jesus.

How many people are in the world?

Where is God right now?  In my heart.

Why did people kill Jesus if he was such a good man?

It is not about anyone.  It is about Jesus.

The Holy Bible is God’s Word.

Jesus is our Lord and Father.

God will be in our hearts forever.

Everybody is the same.

No one is perfect.

If someone thinks they are better than you they aren’t.

God guards you through the night.

It is a privilege to be Caroline’s dad and to walk with her in this life.  Each of you have had a part in Caroline’s life- molding her and shaping her into the person she is.  And this is just the beginning, there is so much more that God has in store for Caroline and her life.

Today, Caroline is giving her entire life to God and to following the way of Jesus in everything she does.  She joins the community of faithful believers, which is all of us, and trusts that we will walk with her- guiding her, shaping her, teaching her, and modeling for her God’s righteousness here on earth.

Caroline, we love you and are very proud of you.



3 thoughts on “to my youngest daughter…

  1. Praise God that Caroline made an outward committment to God! I pray one day Dave will be able to do the same thing with Lauryn and be the one to baptize her!


  2. I thank God for my family, my friends, and for every single person who set an example for me to follow. I would be forever lost without them.

    Thank You


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