unearthed FREE…

Today I am launching UNEARTHED with new material and a fresh edit. It is available for FREE in the iTunes bookstore and can only be read with the iPad.

I picked up UNEARTHED recently and began to reread it and was shocked at how relevant it continues to be for the day in which we live, not just with our current global events, but for the urgency and necessity in the Church finding her identity and purpose. This book is on time…and I hope that you will download it or tell others about it. It will always be a FREE download…so I pray that many will be able to access it.

I just want all of you to know that I appreciate the loyal support you have given me over the years through your readership and encouragement. Sharing this incredible Kingdom message to you so that you can continue to spread it is a real honor. I appreciate being able to walk alongside all of you.

UNEARTHED: the study is also now available for FREE download on iTunes.  Just visit: http://www.theunearthedproject.com.



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