And Then The End Will Come! {Book Review}


Can I be honest? Whenever someone tries to talk to me about Revelation and their interpretation of the seven headed beast, I want to fall asleep or at the very least start scoffing (I’m a very good scoffer). I’m the same way with any conversation about dispensationalism. In fact, I don’t even know what that word means because my brain shuts off when someone mentions it in my presence. Maybe there’s a time and a place to discuss things like that, but I have a problem when people make it their whole spiritual purpose to deduce the Truth of free will vs. Calvinism, or when the 4th seal will be broken.

This attitude leaves me cynical and apathetic about any end times things because I’ve never thought to re-frame End Times teachings in a way that is applicable and not-theoretical.

Enter: Brandon Andress

Brandon liked one my blogs a few weeks back…

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