Dear Friends and Family,
I would like to share with you how excited I am.
After successfully authoring my first book Unearthed I never thought that I would write another book.  In order to write a book you have to have something to write about AND passion about that subject.  I did not think I had either.
In November 2012 all of that changed.  In an instant… God gave me an idea for a book AND passion for the subject.  I wrote this book AND THEN THE END WILL COME! (But 5 Things You Need to Know in the Meantime) in 7 weeks and 3 days.
Through the prayers and financial support of some very important people in my life… this book is now available everywhere online as a Paperback, Hardback, Nook, Kindle, and iBook.
Why should you read this book?  
Well, there are many, many reasons.
First how about the early reviews it has received from other authors and bloggers:

With wit and candor, Brandon Andress challenges believers to carpe diem, to seize the day and the hour and to live fully for Christ before he returns.- EmilyWierenga, author of Chasing Silhouettes and Mom in the Mirror

Everyone wants to know how the story will end. The end of the world has never been a more popular topic of discussion, debate, fear, entertainment, anticipation or preparation. Brandon Andress has done the one thing few people are willing to do: discuss what Jesus actually had to say about the end of the world. This is a sincere look at the world’s last act that reminds readers that God loves happy endings. – Matt Appling, author of Life After Art

As a fan of Andress’ first work, Unearthed, I was eager to read his take on the End Times phenomenon.  AND THEN THE END WILL COME! is an all-to-rare balanced approach to the topic, acknowledging the importance of keeping an eye to the future while focusing on what Christ has called us to do in the meantime.- Joel Bezaire, author of Temptation Bangs Forever

Introduction? Hooked. First chapter? Couldn’t put it down. I read the whole thing in 3 days. Which, again, considering the young adult action books that I normally read, is quite impressive.  The writing style is probably unlike anything you’ve read before.- Beth the Welder, WelderBeth

After reading AND THEN THE END WILL COME! I felt as though I gained a wise counselor-teacher friend who truly cares about the church.- KD Manes, KDManestreet

Excellent read and highly recommended. We need this book. YOU need this book. Anyone who wants to know what a believer is supposed to do about the end times needs to read this book. I pray that people who do read it will find it as transforming as I did.- Robert Martin, Abnormal Anabaptist

Hold on tight as Brandon takes you on this ride! Be ready to think deeply about burning questions everyone should know the answer to. Be ready to confront your walk with Jesus in such a way that will have you saying “Lord help me get closer to you!” I know I did!- Joshua Hernandez, Restoring the Foundation

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this little ditty to Christians, Non-Believers, End Times Enthusiasts, Cynics, Over Zealous Sleuth Sayers, Preppers, Anti-Christ Seekers, Talk Show Hosts, Cult Leaders, Preachers, Priests, Future Leaders of the World, and Everyone Else to whom the afore mentioned does not apply! Anyone who reads it will enjoy the light hearted humor, the informative (but not preach-y!) text, and simple to follow writing style. I think everyone could find something to get out of this book, from; Alex Jones, to Glenn Beck, to Jon Stewart, to President Obama, to Benjamin Netanyahu, to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad… whew! I could go on forever! Hey, maybe we should send them all a copy?- DJ6ual

And Then The End Will Come accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do–not to answer all doctrinal questions regarding the end, but to simply look at what Jesus–the man who knew exactly what was/is going to happen–had to say about the end. And once you reach the end of this book you’ll be able to look back at the pages that came before and come away with a better understanding of what exactly we are talking about when we say “the end of the world.”- John Downey, Dead Pastors Society

All in all, this is definitely worth the read. As I’ve said, it’s a quick read, and it’s not what you expect. The book tells us that great things lie ahead, and that’s something so many of us need to hear more often. I love that it’s not your average book, with the same old stories… definitely will have your mind at full speed.- Dan Bean, Answers to My Own Questions

The center of Jesus message in his “End Times” dialogues was never to tell us when, why or for what reason the end was coming, it was to get us to focus in the coming kingdom that he is bringing. By placing our attention anywhere else, we are missing the desire of Jesus.
I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough.- Justin Hiebert, Empowering Missional


Second the book, while really funny and tongue-in-cheek, addresses some really, really important issues.
There is no question that the world is becoming increasing complex and out-of-control.
Violence and terrorism worldwide.
The devaluing of human life.
The threat of our freedoms.
Economic and financial meltdown.
In many ways, our global situation looks like pregnancy contractions strengthening and getting closer together.
AND THEN THE END WILL COME! takes this head-on:  What did Jesus have to say about all of this?  As followers of Jesus, who will we be and what will we become as the world begins to come apart at the seams?  Have we give our allegiance to Jesus and his Kingdom through the thick-and-thin-or- will we compromise our allegiance and our pursuit of following Jesus if life becomes too difficult or uncertain? 
In my opinion, there has NEVER been a more important question asked about the End Times.  And there is not another book out there that attempts to answer these important questions.
That is why this book is so essential to every Christian.
We are always moving closer to the Return of Christ… what are we doing as we anticipate his return?  We all need to know.


You can get TWO FREE CHAPTERS of AND THEN THE END WILL COME! here->  free download

This book is available everywhere online and easily accessible.

If you are interested in 5 or more copies, I am offering them for $7 each with free shipping.  Simply send an email with a request to:

I could use all of your prayers and support.  Being an independent author with limited resources there is only so much I can do to get the word out about this important book.
Would you be willing to:
1.  Pray for God to use this book
2.  Purchase a copy/copies of the book, read it, and pass it along to others
3.  Forward this email to others
4.  Let people know about this book on social media
5.  Write a blog about the book
6.  Write a review on Amazon about the book
7.  Share this book with your church and/or Sunday school class, small group, house church
8.  Anything else you can think of to help get this word out!   : )
9.  Pass along the link
Thank you so much for your love and support!  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
Peace and love,

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