a kingdom manifesto…

Jesus said that the values of the kingdom of God look like this:

When you get hit, turn your cheek.

When someone is burdening you, go an extra mile.

When someone takes everything you have, give them even more.

When someone is angry with you, forgive and keep forgiving them.

When people are tearing you apart, don’t get angry but love them.

When people are only out for themselves, be selfless and look out for others.

When people are judgmental, stand beside those who are being judged.

When people push others away as outcasts or sinners, befriend the outcast.

When someone powers over you, remain a humble servant.

When someone wants to be seen and glorified, take an unseen position.

When someone puts on a good show but is corrupt, be pure from the inside-out.

When someone is unjust and unmerciful, be just and merciful no matter what.

When people fight and war, stand on the side of peace all the time.

When people insult, ridicule, and curse you, bless them instead.

When people assault you, do not resist them for the sake of peace.

When people beat you and spit upon you and want to crucify you, lovingly forgive them and be willing to go to your death demonstrating the love of God.

It is this kind of character.

It is this kind of disposition.

It is this kind of behavior.

That is the embodiment of God’s value system.

It is willing to go all the way to death to prove just how much you love.

To those who are worthy.

And to those who are unworthy.

And it always, always, always, always, always, always, always looks like Jesus.

That is the kingdom.

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