I happen to believe that fatherhood is vitally important. I also believe that fatherhood is not lost.

While culturally, marriages are being ravaged, fatherly responsibility is seen as an option rather than an essential, and fatherhood is being watered down in such a way that “anyone” can fill that fatherly void… I am here to tell you fathers (and future fathers) that you are absolutely essential in this world and no one- nor- no thing can replace you. The world needs you. Future generations need you. You are absolutely vital and indispensable in the development and the formation of your children’s identity- who they are in God, how they see themselves, how they view and understand relationships and commitment, how they view others and the world around them, and how they will pass that legacy to future generations. You are important and desperately needed.

Let us be fathers who live, not simply by our words, but by how we live our lives through example.

Let us be fathers who love our wives and our children.

Let us be fathers whose words and instructions are respected by our children, because they have learned that we love them and have their best interest in mind.

Let us be fathers who live our lives to the fullest and encourage our children to do the same.

Let us be fathers who delight in our children and enjoy the richness of our relationship together.

Let us be fathers who pray over our children and their endeavors by day and by night.

Let us be fathers who live by the example of honesty, hard-work, and trustworthiness so that our children will follow in these ways as well.

Let us be fathers who extend the blessings of God to the lives of our children.

Let us be fathers who will always stand by our families and demonstrate our faith through the highs and the lows, the mountaintops and the valleys.

Let us be fathers who guide, teach, encourage, and mold our children in the way of Jesus by demonstrating love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace to everyone.

Happy Father’s Day!


9 thoughts on “Father

  1. This past weekend I heard a great message from Pastor Jimmy Evans, who said fathers are the “image bearers” of our Heavenly Father God. It’s rough when earthly fathers cause us to fear God rather than “reverencing” Him. Took me decades to unlearn the scary God, and become intimately involved with the Father who loves me so. Great post–May God bless you with His abundant favor 🙂


  2. Brandon thanks for checking out my blog! Indeed, your writings are so pure and fresh. You look deep into parenthood. Father’s are so important! Keep going with the work.
    PS : I’m inspired! 🙂

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