Was Jesus a Republican or Democrat?

Every presidential election cycle in the United States is like a massive pendulum of ideas, perspectives, and ideologies that swings back and forth powered by individuals, vested interest groups, politicians, and political parties. And the means by which these individuals and groups power this pendulum is through political power, influence, money, and propaganda.  But to be honest, this is the way politics have always operated and the exact same ingredients that have been used throughout history.  That is why politics and governments, as systems, can never be redeemed, because they will always be built upon by the corrupting influences of power, influence, and money… even when we have the best of intentions.

With that being said, there has been increasing and bewildering confusion amongst Christians as to how we ought to engage with the political system, generally, and for whom we ought to vote, specifically.

If social media does nothing else, it affords us the opportunity to know the political opinions of others. Of particular interest to me are the political leanings of those who describe themselves as Christian.  It is a curious phenomenon, that Christians of various political and ideological leanings are absolute certain that God is exclusively on their side or that Jesus absolutely shared their political and ideological angle.

As I discussed in my last post, we try to make God (or Jesus) fit into our finite, limited, broken dualistic constructs, in which only “my political party” or “my ideology” is right because my side is backed by God, and the other side is colluding with the powers of evil.

This kind of thinking is referred to as dualism, and it is a very limited way of looking at the world and people. It is the kind of thinking that produces comments like, “A Christian would never vote for Hillary Clinton,” or “A Christian would never vote for Donald Trump.”  Even more, dualistic thinking produces mindsets in which one person might say, “The United States is always good because it is the city shining on a hill and the only hope for humanity,” while another might say, “The United States is bad because it was created by killing and oppressing Native Americans and African Americans.”  A dualistic mind only sees the world as black and white, my way is always right and your way is always wrong.

I don’t expect everyone to understand what I am saying here, but I pray that you at least stop to ponder what I am saying and let it marinate in your spirit for a while.

Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Friar, says that, “The lowest levels of consciousness is entirely dualistic (win/lose)- me versus the world and basic survival. Many, I am afraid, never move beyond this.  The higher levels of consciousness are more and more able to deal with contradictions, paradoxes, and all Mystery (win/win).  This is spiritual maturity.  At the higher levels, we can teach things like compassion, mercy, forgiveness, selflessness, even love of enemies.”

This is important because movements beyond the dualistic (win/lose) mind begin to erase divisions and dividing lines, affording us the opportunity to work within and between groups and individuals, and then allowing us to bring to everyone that which is transcendent- compassion, mercy, forgiveness, selflessness, and love. This movement, or shift in our heart’s position, is nothing less than the work of the Holy Spirit, who is moving us to see others as brothers and sisters and then working to unite us together in the love of the Father.

That is why it is so disappointing that Christians, from any political and ideological persuasion, validate their politics, political affiliations, and ideologies with the exclusive endorsement of God or Jesus, because neither God nor Jesus endorses your politics or ideologies.

For example, a Christian Conservative might believe that God is against abortion, but for killing criminals through capital punishment and killing enemies in war. A Christian Liberal might believe in a woman’s right to choose whether she wants to have an abortion or not, but believes that God is against killing human beings through capital punishment and war.  Each side may view their side as “right,” and may even view their position as what God or Jesus would approve or endorse.

The dualistic mind does not have the ability to understand that all life is valuable and worth protecting, whether it is an innocent and defenseless baby or an enemy combatant.  The value of, and the love for, human life transcends the dualistic mind and the dividing lines of politics.  And that is the work of God’s Spirit in our lives.

The truth is that as we pursue and promote political positions and ideologies that limit or inhibit the transcendent values of God through the Spirit working in our lives, we oppose our identity and purpose as the Body of Christ in the world.  

Neither God nor Jesus is a Democrat or Republican, a Conservative or Liberal, a Trump Supporter or Hillary Supporter. God, as demonstrated through Jesus, is life, love, mercy, compassion, and grace that transcends all divisions and dividing lines.  And the logical next step in our thinking is that we, as the Body of Christ, ought to be in that place as well… in positions that transcend all divisions and dividing lines, that work to preserve all human life, that unconditionally love every person on every side of every issue, that move in ways of mercy and compassion for every single person in the world, that bring peace and reconciliation between individuals and groups, and that extend the grace of God to all.

That is why Jesus was able to easily move between groups and have voice with each of them, because he wasn’t trying to pick sides in the man-made arena of politicking and governance. Jesus moved amongst the religious and irreligious, the rich and the poor, the powerful and the outcast, the chosen and the unchosen… with an invitation to all… to join a movement in which dividing lines have been erased, social stratification has been obliterated and religious and political affiliations have been put to death. For this movement is an invitation for every man, woman, and child into a new humanity that leaves polarization and division and then unites solely in the transcendent values of God.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, why is this so hard to understand? Why do we continue to settle for so much less?  Why do we continue to fight for man-made constructs while neglecting our identity and purpose as the Body of Christ in the world?  When will we ever have the eyes to see and the ears to hear?  When will these bones ever come to life, when will this Body rise, so that the world will hear the invitation of Jesus into this beautiful movement?

It begins with you.



To read Brandon’s previous post, Why I Don’t Want America to Come Back to God, click here.

In my next post I will be looking at Christians submitting to the government and if we have an obligation to vote.


13 thoughts on “Was Jesus a Republican or Democrat?

  1. Amen! I pray God does equip us and that we would find the courage to rise above all that is in this world, move forward and look only to Jesus. For Jesus is the only answer for any unrest in this world. God bless!

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  2. Very interesting blog. I was wondering if you were going to suggest that people pray, “Lord, please show me who to vote for.” I got to see Dr. David Jeremiah in our town last year. He suggested people vote for the candidate that most closely mirrors their values. If they choose not to vote then that’s more of a chance for the candidate furthest from their wishes to get into office. I’m paraphrasing. Unfortunately, some young people and elderly I care about feel as if their vote doesn’t count. If they never cast one, their vote surely doesn’t get counted. God bless. Thank you for stopping by Write Light site.


  3. Interesting post. I feel much the same way. That being said, there IS a difference between an innocent child and a rapist, for example. The first has done nothing to deserve punishment by death. The second made their choice. War? Also a different scenario.

    Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are one in the same. God, in the OT, ordered the murder of entire nations that threatened the demise of the Hebrews. While I don’t understand it, it’s nonetheless a fact.

    I agree wholeheartedly that God does not represent any political party. I am 100% against abortion but I get upset with the Republican party because they take this stand but then don’t come up with any plans for how to care for these babies who aren’t aborted.

    Democrats get all upset about the death penalty but think it’s OK to abort a baby in late-term, even though babies have lived when born in the third trimester. And how, pray tell, do you “abort” something that isn’t living? Jesus’s hardest words were for those who would hurt a child. “Better they have a millstone around their neck.”

    God does indeed value all life but he also holds people accountable for their actions, as Jesus demonstrated with the women caught in adultery. She was forgiven, yes, but also told to change her behavior.


    We all need to vote our conscience. (BTW, it is not true that if you don’t vote you are voting for the opposite party. That’s never been proven.)

    Anyway, thanks for the follow and keep up the good work.
    ps. I will be most interested in your next post as I’m thinking about writing one myself about this very same thing. Will be fun seeing if we come to the same conclusion.


    1. Thanks Rebecca for reading and for the comment. I disagree with the point you made at the beginning of your comment, however. As a follower, a disciple of Jesus, we are to see every single human life as valuable and worth protecting. That is why Jesus states to those who follow him to love our enemies, to pray for those who persecute us, and to not resist the evildoer. As those who give our pledge and allegiance to Jesus and the kingdom to which we are now citizens, we realize that our battle is not against people, but the powers and principalities of evil. The battle in which we wage war is spiritual. While governments have their role in extending justice and punishment against wrongdoers, it is now our role or responsibility. You are exactly right, however, in your assertion that we should walk alongside others and speak in grace and truth to more closely align with the way of Jesus (like the woman at the well), but we are not to be those who exact vengeance, fight and war with others, or work for their execution. As followers of Jesus, we see every person as valuable, no matter their situation or condition, and pray for them to receive the love and salvation of the Father.

      You will not find Jesus calling those who follow him to be anything but peacemakers, forgivers and reconcilers, and love and grace extenders. And those attributes of his followers completely contradict seeking and supporting war, picking up weapons to kill enemies, supporting and working for capital punishment, and avenging the wrongdoer.

      One cannot stitch together parts of the Old Testament and parts of the New Testament to create a value system that validates our eye-for-eye, tooth-for-tooth mentality. The full revelation of God was embodied and demonstrated through Jesus… and that is the pattern and shape by which we model our lives.

      I will write more in response to your comment in my next blog post.




  4. But the most likely result of not voting for Trump is that you will be abandoning thousands of unborn babies who will be put to death under Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court, thousands of Christians who will be excluded from their lifelong occupations, thousands of the poor who will never again be able to find high-paying jobs in an economy crushed by government hostility toward business, thousands of inner-city children who will never be able to get a good education, thousands of the sick and elderly who will never get adequate medical treatment when the government is the nation’s only healthcare provider, thousands of people who will be killed by an unchecked ISIS, and millions of Jews in Israel who will find themselves alone and surrounded by hostile enemies. And you will be contributing to a permanent loss of the American system of government due to a final victory of unaccountable judicial tyranny.

    When I look at it this way, my conscience, and my considered moral judgment tell me that I must vote for Donald Trump as the candidate who is most likely to do the most good for the United States of America.


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