This is What’s Up…

Hey Friends…

I want to give you a quick update on a few things going on my way.

1. I have a new post coming out in the morning entitled, “In All Things and With Every Breath…”  It is a reflection of where we are in a divided world and a call to thanksgiving in spite of our situation or circumstance.  I believe it is a great message to hear in this season of thanks. Subscribe to my blog to get it first thing in the morning delivered to your door step… : )

Here’s an excerpt:

“There is an ever-present reality into which we can enter, a realm into which we are continually invited, where love wholly embraces, mends broken-hearts, births a new way of living, gives eyes to see people and the world differently, and changes each one of us in such a profound way that thanksgiving becomes the very essence of our being, and the perpetual outflow of our spirit.”

2.  A new podcast episode based on the post above will be available later this week.  It will feature my good friend from Washington DC, Cary Umhau.  Cary is the founder of SPACIOUS (

3.  I have been interviewed on two different podcasts this week.  The first was with The Inglorious Pasterds.  They wanted to discuss how we move forward in light of the US election.  Being that I do not vote, the Pasterds wanted to hear my perspective as to how a follower of Jesus might respond.  Please note that this episode contains explicit content, so if you are easily offended or playing this around children… be advised.  Otherwise, it is actually a hilarious and meaningful conversation.

I was also interviewed by the California-based podcast of Bro’s Bibles and Beer.  Being recorded a day before the election, the bros wanted to get my perspective as one who does not vote.  I have to admit, some of my words in this episode are quite prescient.  Listen to find out why.  We also discuss The end of the world, my podcast, and a myriad of other topics.

You can check out:

Inglorious Pasterds on iTunes and Podbean

Bro’s Bibles and Beer on iTunes and their website

4. I had a past article recently published in Christian Week entitled New Earth, Or Renewed Earth. It takes a look at whether the Earth will be ultimately destroyed or renewed at the return of Christ. You can read that article here.

Look for my Thanksgiving post tomorrow!  And in the meantime, check out my podcast Outside the Walls.

Peace and love…


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