More for Christmas…

Hey friends…

As we approach Christmas, I have been busy working on writings and podcasts… and I want to take the opportunity to share them with you.

1. I wrote a piece entitled, “Does Christmas Mean Anything Anymore?” and it was featured on my blog site. The main point of the post is, “For if the Resurrection was God’s final and decisive victory over sin and death, then the Advent of Christ was the day the war began.”

2. I recorded podcast with the same title and features the music of my good friend Elise Erikson Barrett and her musical group Sister Sinjin. The song is Lord of the Nations Come and it is from their new record entitled Incarnation.  The Soundcloud link for that episode is here … and the iTunes link is here.

3. I was a guest once more with the Inglorious Pasterds talking about Incarnation. They entitled the episode, “The Incarnation is the Middle Finger.” Obviously from the title, the episode contains explicit language and content. If you are easily offended, please disregard it.  The Podbean link is here … and the iTunes link is here.  I discuss how the Incarnation is an offensive measure pushing back the forces of evil, not just in the life of Jesus, but that we embody and continue on the Incarnation through our lives presently.

4. Not Christmas related, but I recently put out a podcast episode that features theologian, author, preacher Greg Boyd. Greg authored one of my favorite and most influential books of all-time entitled Myth of a Christian Nation. He and I discuss what it looks like for Christians to move forward in this country less politically. The Soundcloud link for that episode is here … and the iTunes link is here.

I hope each of you have a tremendous Incarnation Day and pray that it changes each of us at a heart-level for the benefit of the world.

Hope, peace, and love…


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