I’m Inviting You to a Partnership

I admit, for all of my boldness with words, I am not much of a risk taker.

That is what makes my latest endeavor somewhat (well a lot) surprising.  While I have been blogging now for the last ten year (Can you seriously believe it’s been ten years?) and podcasting now over the last year, there has been an awareness that I can do so much more… with your partnership.

Over the last decade, I have been inviting others to a larger conversation that is rarely heard in churches, through my written work and podcasts about Jesus and the Kingdom of God. As the world grows seemingly darker and the Church is perceived as lacking any cultural relevance, now more than ever, we need voices that can articulate the other-centered, self-sacrificial way of Jesus and his Kingdom in creative, imaginative, and engaging ways.

And I need your help to, not only keep my present work growing, but expand my work and make it even more widely available.

That is why I am working with Patreon, because it gives me a tremendous opportunity to work with you to make several things happen, including:

Increasing the frequency at which my writings and podcasts come out.

Improving the visual quality of my blog site and the audio quality of my podcasting.

Pursuing new, creative podcasting endeavors of regular around a table people sharing their passions and stories of how Jesus changed their lives in order to reach more people. 

Increasing engagement and conversations with my readers and listeners.

And I can’t do those things without you. I want to invite you to a seat at the table.

Below you will find ways in which you can partner with me (and I think you will find them very exciting)…

Fist Bump- For $1 or more per month you get:

-FIRST ACCESS to NEW Podcasts and Blog posts at least 48 hours before anyone else.

-The ability to say, “I COMPLETELY ROCK!” and mean it. I will also post your partnership on my Facebook page.

-A virtual FIST BUMP 

Bro Hug- $5 or more per month

All the Awesomeness of the first tier, plus:

-ALL BONUS episodes and blogs available ONLY to you!

-PREMIUM ACCESS to all podcast and blog notes

-FULL INTERVIEWS with Outside the Walls guests

-A MASSIVE SHOUT-OUT on the Outside the Walls podcast, Facebook, and Twitter for being a partner

-An INSIDER LOOK at what future posts, episodes, and new ventures are coming down the road.

-Frequent SURPRISES of quotes, snippets, perspectives and other goodness that’s on my mind or that’s influencing me right now.

-A virtual BRO HUG

Bear Hug- $10 or more per month

All of the Ridiculousness of the first two tiers, plus:

-You, yes YOU, get to pick the topic of a blog post /podcast!

-Not just a shout out, you get a MASSIVE PLUG for you, your content, your business, your passions and interests on Outside the Walls podcast, my blog site, and all my social media.

-SUPPORTER BADGE on my website with a link to your content, business, or non-profit.

-One recorded phone conversation in which I will interview you! I want to hear YOUR STORY and possibly use it for a future podcast episode. Or, we can just talk for a while… 😉

-A virtual BEAR HUG

As you can see, I am very excited about the opportunities that are ahead… and I am even more excited about the ways in which you and I can partner to extend the life-giving message of Jesus and the Kingdom of God to others.

If you are interested in partnering with me through Patreon, please visit www.patreon.com/brandonandress.

If you have thoughts, questions, or comments… please comment below or contact me at your convenience.

Peace and love…


4 thoughts on “I’m Inviting You to a Partnership

  1. Brandon,

    I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a while and recently figured out that you live near me- Indiana at least. I’m up near Whitestown/Zionsville/Lebanon. I have searched your blog trying to figure out how to email you (I’m old school) but this is the closest I’ve come. I’d love to correspond with you if you have any time. My email is aacton@imminet.com. Also see that you do speaking engagements. Do you have plans in November? I’ve heard enough of your stuff to know that I connect with you and I think my church would too. We do a “retreat” for a weekend at a camp in November if you’d be interested in sharing. Let me know.


  2. I read you in the local paper on Saturday, The Republic, in Columbus, IN. I have looked up your ideas in the Bible, and saw that word “for” said by Peter. Well who knew? I have checked Paul’s writings and I don’t find any conditions there, if there are any. I see you will be in Columbus in October speaking at something called MOPS. I don’t know what that means, but I would like to hear you.
    I have been thinking about forgiveness for Muslims. So forgiveness is based on faith, not on works, good or bad. So no matter what they do, if they believe Jesus is God and died for our sins, they are covered.


    1. Hey Pat, thanks for reading and for the comment! Good on you for doing your homework and checking out what I say. Too many people simply disagree and don’t check.

      The one thing I will note is that forgiveness is not based on anything. It is one-sided. God forgave. Past tense. Done deal. Now God welcomes us to walk into it and live in light of it. The cross is God’s way of saying, “No longer do you have to believe that you must do something to receive my forgiveness. See, I am making a peace offering to you. Will you receive it.” It is beautiful and world changing.

      Again, I appreciate you and your diligence to seek truth.

      Peace and love…



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