I am happy to announce that Outside the Walls podcast is adding two new cohosts who will be joining me in producing fresh, creative, relevant, and hard-hitting episodes. Join me in welcoming Jess Duncan and Sarah Dismore! Their first episodes will launch in April.

Jess Duncan is from Flint, Michigan and has the same story as most people who grew up in the spiritually abusive climate of fundamentalism. She asked too many questions, didn’t submit to the authority of a red faced preacher pounding on a podium and was given a letter of apostasy from the church. Through it all Jess learned she had to forget everything she had been taught about the Bible to get closer to Jesus. She hasn’t written a book, she doesn’t have any impressive credentials and is a stay at home mom to three crazy boys. She is just a normal person trying to figure out this whole Jesus thing in real time. Her passions include feminism, being an advocate for victims of sexual assault and roller derby. You can follow Jess on Twitter at @jessdunc3.

You can hear Jess’ first episode, Episode 035- You Are Not a Stumbling Block, right now, before it drops on April 2 by becoming a partner at my Patreon page.

Sarah Lowry Dismore is from Columbus, Indiana and is the wife to Craig and mother to four kids. She is passionate about Jesus, His teachings, His forgiveness, His open arms, His unrelenting love for everyone. She is a former prodigal daughter who wants to extend the same forgiveness and grace to others that she has received from God, because it has changed the way she sees people, the world, and every issue we face today. She has worked in post-abortion ministries for nearly 10 years. Sarah is also involved in issues of social justice, reaching the marginalized, and prays for peace continually. Sarah strives to be a peacemaker and truth speaker. You can follow Sarah on Twitter at @sldismore.

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