pimps and mission trips…

As my daughter and I, and 50 other servants, exited the newly constructed 400 square foot house built for a beautiful family of seven in the barrios of Puerto Penasco, Mexico, I humbly said: In every way I have talked and written about how misaligned the Church is… what you just experienced is the very […]

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Breaking Silence…

I can come to no other conclusion through good conscience, and as one who uncompromisingly follows the way of Jesus Christ, that not only can I not kill my enemy or have someone do it on my behalf or with my support, I can not even hate my enemy, avenge the wrong he has done to me, or be angry with him- for all other laws have been transcended with a higher law of love, non-resistance, and non-retaliation to evil.

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I am not sure that when we are on the “inside” we consider or remember what it is like to be on the “outside,” to be the one coming into new territory, to be the one who feels awkward and alone, to be the one searching for a place to fit in, or to be the one desperately wanting someone to just give us an ear.

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I am beginning the PRE-ORDER for my book UNEARTHED: How Discovering the Kingdom of God Will Transform the Church and Change the World. You can PRE-ORDER it at The Unearthed Project website (www.theunearthedproject.com).

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