For Abbott

I’m not sure how to describe the feelings that go beyond heartbroken and devastated. Honest to God, I don’t. Sometimes words are so agonizingly limiting and so painfully insufficient. And that’s where I am right now. I’m wrecked. I haven’t talked much over the years about my house church, but this is a group of […]

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Out of Context…

I got an email the other day asking about certain Old Testament passages that seem to contradict a few of my most recent posts I have written about how Christians ought to view politics and the government.  Below is my response, which has been slightly edited from the original. When discussing how Christians ought to […]

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The Movement

The entire world will be finally and completely overwhelmed and captivated when they come face to face with Jesus and his Kingdom embodied through a people who has taken up its Cross, died to every principality and foolish wisdom of this world, and are a once and for all a visible demontration of Jesus Christ in everything we do.

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I Have Something to Say…

Right now our conversations are not conservations. Our words quickly become angry, heated, non-loving diatribes with only one purpose… to win the argument and make the other person look bad. Our minds are made up and our ears are closed off to learning, understanding, and discovering truth from another perspective or angle. It is like two massive tectonic plates that continue to grind and push with immense force and ferocity… with the unfortunate consequence being wreckage and devastation. We are not better for it, nor is anyone else in the world.

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