For Abbott

I’m not sure how to describe the feelings that go beyond heartbroken and devastated. Honest to God, I don’t. Sometimes words are so agonizingly limiting and so painfully insufficient. And that’s where I am right now. I’m wrecked. I haven’t talked much over the years about my house church, but this is a group of […]

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Between the Questions…

In my experience, the only place where the superficial veneer is stripped away, where pretense is obliterated, where cosmetic application fails, and where vulnerability is unmasked and triumphantly exposed… is in the presence of a loving, non-judgmental, other-centered group of trusted friends.

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My Abortion…

In silence, I carried a heavy burden of heartache. In private, I struggled with intense guilt, shame, and depression. I never talked about my abortion to anyone. Ever.

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