It is official…you can NOW order my book UNEARTHED:  How Discovering the Kingdom of God Will Transform the Church and Change the World.  You can order it at The Unearthed Project website.

I am super excited about this book for several reasons.

I have been obsessed over the last four years with the Kingdom of God.  The more that I studied it…the more I began to realize that while Jesus mentions The Kingdom of God nearly 120 times in the Gospels…we in the Church do not understand what it really means or how understanding it has the potential to transform us and then change the world.  I have a love and a desire for what the Church could be…but I also see that for which the Church has settled.  We run around in circles looking for an identity and purpose…but we run to all the wrong things…which leaves us shallow, divided, and self-consumed.

I believe that the Church will find it’s heart and soul…it’s identity and purpose…when we finally realize that there is something larger than ourselves that we have been looking and longing for…and it is found in the Kingdom of God.  The purpose of UNEARTHED is to open the eyes of the average Christian to the Kingdom of God through the parables and teachings of Jesus.  That is why I spent the last two years writing this book.

It has taken quite a bit of time to finish UNEARTHED.  Over the last two years I have been writing this non-fiction work in my spare time.  I wrote early in the mornings, on vacations, during lunch hours, and on weekends when I was alone.  While there have been many highlights during the process, there were many times I was ready to hit the delete button.  I never thought I would finish AND I never thought it would get into the hands of people who need to read it.  At one point I even quit writing and walked away from it for four months.  Little did I know that is exactly what I needed. Upon writing again…I wrote nearly 10,000 words in about four days to finish the book.  I am so happy that God carried me through this endeavor and I pray that it will be a blessing to you, your family, your relationships, and your churches.

This project is far from perfect but it is the best I could do for now.  There are still some errors in it…but I ask that you have grace and patience with me.  I would like to thank the countless number of people who helped me through photography, artwork, web development, proof reading, editing, conversations, debates, prayer, and study.  Each one of you have helped make this project what it is and I thank you!  Please open your heart, put down your guard, and let the Spirit speak to you through the words in my book.

Thanks again for your support and love!  It has certainly sustained me over the last two years!